Getting cultured-the Snapchat way:

If you opened Snapchat yesterday you likely came across discover, a new feature from Snapchat that allows users to “explore stories from different editorial teams.” These features, according to Snapchat, will post video feed from websites in order to expose users to their content. While perusing discover I was able to find out facts about […]

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Friday on the Rocks

If you’ve had a rough week or are looking to blow off a little steam, look no further. Welcome to Friday on the Rocks:

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Ebola as Told by Kent State

The word Ebola has instilled panic throughout the nation (we’re a little late to the party, though). The media and its audience, which is basically everyone, have responded to Ebola with a sense of fear and a large-scale spread of rumors. The facts have been muddled and distorted and a widespread uneasiness has enveloped mothers […]

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#Bendgate: who did it well

A commentary on the #bendgate scandal. Last week’s post discussed hashtag hijacking and demonstrated how poorly it can go. This week I would like to cover how hashtag hijacking can go well. While, generally speaking hashtag hijacking can be in poor taste and an overall poor decision, with proper research and timely responses the effect can […]

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