The Five Ways You Can Learn from DiGiorno’s Mistake

You’ve heard it before-it’s not delivery; it’s DiGiorno. I, in response, have a phrase I would like to share with DiGiorno-Look both ways before you cross the street; otherwise you might get hit. If you have avoided the Internet lately or merely missed the latest slip-up in social media, I have a story for you.

Your Audience

If you think your audience isn’t paying attention to your actions, you’re wrong. Take, for example, the various ways people of the Internet replied to NFL’s decision on Ray Rice. As an example, Tweeters began using the hashtag #WhyIStayed to tell followers about their own domestic violence experiences and what prompted them to stay in those relationships.

Trending Topics

Twitter-savvy readers know that any social media user can see trending topics in order to have the opportunity to jump into the community discussion. DiGiorno Pizza, which had been known for having engaging Twitter content, decided to jump into the conversation with the following tweet:

DiGiorno tweet

The people of the Internet, as you may imagine, scolded DiGiorno for its poor taste and general lack of knowledge when it came to the seriousness of the conversation. In response, DiGiorno quickly deleted the Tweet and apologized profusely for its lack of attention.

DiGiorno Tweets

DiGiorno claimed it hadn’t realized the meaning behind the hashtag prior to tweeting. Which left me thinking about best practices. I decided to jot down some considerations before tweeting.

5 Things to Consider Before Tweeting

  • Research your hashtag: Before you put yourself in harm’s way, be sure you know what you’re talking about. Social media is immediate – don’t say anything you might have to take back.
  • Who is your audience?:  As mentioned before, your audience is watching every move you make. Take the time to consider who they are so you can best determine what content they want to see from you.
  • Why is this topic or post pertinent to your brand?: Brands have a habit of posting about trending topics without drawing sentiment back to their brand. If you can’t decide how the content is related, don’t Tweet about it!
  • Look to other brands to determine best practices for yours: If you’re unsure of how to proceed on Twitter, there is a good chance another brand can help you to determine best practices for your own. Scour the Internet; the answers are there.
  • Crisis planning: In the case of a foot-in-mouth situation, be sure to have a plan in place. DiGiorno’s saving grace was its ability to apologize, making the mistake appear as a human error rather than a corporate one, which is more relatable to consumers. What would you say under fire? If you don’t know, be sure to put some thought into it.

Once again, research has proved to be the single best asset when discussing tactics. Without the power of knowing your audience, brand and content needs, social media can prove to be your worst enemy.


4 thoughts on “The Five Ways You Can Learn from DiGiorno’s Mistake

  1. Good job on this blog and it was so interesting! I do not get how DiGiorno couldn’t research the hashtag and just post that without knowing what that hashtag even mean’t. That post could have lost some followers who actually used that hashtag, which is so terrible. I can remember some other companies who have been in that situation where they have used the wrong hashtag, and has hurt their company. Public Relations and social media go hand in hand, and in today society, people need to be aware of what they post. My cohorts are always on social media and they will see those types of things and will criticize the companies. Keep up the great work!


  2. Samantha,

    I thoroughly enjoyed your post and the organization you created makes it easy to understand. I was unaware of this DiGiorno mishap and by reading your blog I feel I have been well informed. In society today, social media has become a huge tool for free advertisement, marketing, and public relations. The five points you made in regards to tweeting are very informative and useful as social media can become risky if not used in a smart manner. I would suggest making a follow up post showing some research about the affects this tweet had on DiGiornos business, also whether or not Ray Rice or the NFL had any comments pertaining to the situation. Also, for those unfamiliar with PR tactics reading your post to become more educated, may not fully understand the harm done by the tweet, thus I would look into some of the comments the general public made regarding DiGiornos. Overall, I appreciate the layout of your blog both visually and in terms of the information provided. Job well done!

    – Maria Kissinger


  3. I really enjoyed your tips to Tweeting.

    Many times i have not taken my time to “think before I tweet” and it has come back to burn me more times then i would have liked. This post and its tips really should be considered, not just for a big business account like DiGiorno, bu for all people who have twitter or any social media accounts. Your biggest/greatest note is to research the hash tag, because if you had not mentioned the NFL incidents I would have guesses the hash tag to be a spin-off to the movie If I Stay. I may be the only person to be that dumb, but still other hash tags like that could be mistaken for other things and it is important to know what you are saying before you say it.

    Overall great post, very informative and thought worthy.


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