Virality: Are You Worthy?

Viral content is spreading like wildfire and the world is taking notice. Is your content worthy of virality?


Want more information about viral content? Check out this awesome Ted Talk from Kevin Allocca, Head of Culture and Trends at YouTube:


4 thoughts on “Virality: Are You Worthy?

  1. Hi Sam!

    I think you have a great resource to accompany your post. I think the video goes well with the presentation you created. You really explain the importance of the term, give your own examples and then share others from a professional.

    Thank you! This is great!


    1. Hey Samantha!

      I really liked the slideshow that you made. After I read your post I realized that social media and the internet are some of the most powerful tools we have. I think that our generation is very lucky to be able to be so connected to each other at such a fast pace. However, I do feel like sometimes our society focuses on some things that maybe aren’t that important, #alexfromtarget.


  2. Hey Sam,
    I really like your slide show. It made me think about what motivates me. Am I one of those motivated by emotion, call to action, or maybe te weird stuff! We never think about what makes certain things go viral and maybe somethig that is more important to a cause not go viral. But now we can be educated to maybe help things we agree with and think are important go viral.


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