Public Relations by the Numbers

As a public relations student and prospective public relations professional I have been asked a number of questions about the profession. People request a simple definition and even the most specific of details about the craft. I’ve created an infographic to detail the answers to those questions for both the seasoned professional and the curious observers who question the craft.


4 thoughts on “Public Relations by the Numbers

  1. I really enjoyed this blog as a new PR student. It helps give a better feel for what PR professionals really do. We learn about the do’s and don’ts in PR every day in class, but we don’t talk about what goes into day-to-day work when there is a crisis to attend to. The stats that you included were also interesting. I was surprised not to see New York on the top PR city list since it is such a large city with many companies in need of PR. We learn something new every day I guess!
    Stephanie Martoccia


  2. I am very pleased and intrigued by this blog. I enjoyed that you choose not to just provide a simple question and answer type of blog entry. The infographic keeps the information interesting and appealing. I do agree that as a public relations student you do receive a lot of questions about the field and what it exactly it is. So I am very happy that you gave a general overview of one of the many definitions of “public relations”. The infographic doesn’t have a ton of facts but it does provide a few of the top inquiries about the field. I also like that one of your facts consists of the pie chart graphing the demographics of men and woman in the field because I do get this question a lot and a lot of people believe that men still dominant the professional when clearly that is untrue. Another question that I get a lot that I’m sure you and others in the field or aspiring to be in the field get a lot is people who don’t know what exactly the job title for a person in public relations would be. I know that I still get a little confused with this since there are so many ways organizations describe their PR practitioners. I think that could be something interesting to talk about and how in some organizations using the term Public Relations is taboo. I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing.

    Jaraya Johnson


  3. What a great idea for an infographic, Sam! I need to link to this whenever people ask me, “So… what do you want to do, like… tweet for a company or something?” It’s crazy how a profession that plays such an important role for an endless amount of organizations in a variety of different industries can develop so many misconceptions. I’m pretty sure even my parents just nod their heads and pretend they know what I want to do after I graduate. Normally when someone asks me about PR I ask them how much time they’ve got for an answer and base my explanation off of that.

    I think I’m just going to ignore the fact from the infographic that says PR was 2014’s sixth most stressful job though…


  4. I think the whole overall theme of this blog is awesome. I know from working with you on projects and presentations in our classes that you have a passion for everything and anything PR, and that you are put this passion into everything you do. I have honestly learned so much from you! (sorry for being sappy, haha). In reference to this specific post, I’ve noticed, especially at family gatherings, that not a lot of people REALLY know what PR professionals do or what PR even is. When I tell people that I am in PR, I usually get a response along the lines of, “So, you’re going to work for celebrities and make them look good?” Even though that COULD happen, more than likely it won’t. This inforgraphic breaks down PR in an easy to understand way and I will have to show people this next time they ask what PR professionals do!


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