Friday on the Rocks

If you’ve had a rough week or are looking to blow off a little steam, look no further. Welcome to Friday on the Rocks, a weekly post where I detail the PR disasters being discussed throughout the week. So, celebrate your Friday the way I usually celebrate mine, kick back, pour a glass of wine and prepare to be grateful for all the ways you didn’t mess up this week.

1. Bill Cosby: Bill Cosby’s PR team decided to create viral success by giving the people of the internet the opportunity to create memes about Cosby. The team may have been hoping for some playful conversation about Cosby or maybe this was just a tactic to get his name back in the news. If the objective was the latter, it worked.

The tactic backfired; soon the memes swarmed the Internet with memes about his rape accusations. His name is back in the news, but the word is hardly favorable.


2. Dave and Buster’s: This week Dave and Buster’s took a shot at their best comedy routine, which wound up being far from funny. D&B’s tweet read” ‘I hate tacos’ said no Juan ever #TacoTuesday #DaveandBusters.”

Unlike most social media blunders, this blatantly racist tweet was clearly, unapologetically intentional. Dave and Buster’s apologized, but the damage was done. Time will tell if D&B’s will work to make a full-fledged effort to apologize.

rs_560x315-141118152029-560-i-hate-tacos-dave-busters-tweet-hed-20143. New England Patriots: The team isn’t being discussed for just plays this week. In an effort to get their Twitter account to 1 million followers and thank the individual to get who got them to the landmark post, the NFL team sent out a Tweet to thank the Twitter user.

The following photo is the Tweet they sent:


Need I say more?

Have any ideas of how these blunders could be fixed or even avoided? Share your thoughts below.


2 thoughts on “Friday on the Rocks

  1. Who would ever think that last idea was a good one!?!?!??? Please give me that job instead of a person who put IHateN***** on the back of a jersey and thanking them on an account with over a million followers.
    On a side note, Dave and Busters blunder was extremely unprofessional and I would never tweet that ever, but I really wish people would stop getting offended so easily.


  2. How do you feel about Cosby (or his team) not making any statements about the accusations, but for allowing the memes to happen? I know this is a messy situation and a nightmare for any media relations professional, but what does this say about who Cosby hired? Or is he the one calling the shots? There’s very little conversation about that going around, so maybe we should shoot the chat about this over coffee, haha.


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