Getting cultured-the Snapchat way:

If you opened Snapchat yesterday you likely came across discover, a new feature from Snapchat that allows users to “explore stories from different editorial teams.” These features, according to Snapchat, will post video feed from websites in order to expose users to their content.


While perusing discover I was able to find out facts about eyeliner from Cosmopolitan, review highlights from a number of topics from CNN and, to appeal to the funny bone, view clips from hit Comedy Central shows. Amongst the aforementioned outlets were Daily Mail, ESPN, food network, National Geographic, People Magazine, VICE, Yahoo! News and Warner Music Group.


It has become common knowledge that consumers of news, information and status updates from your ex are really just looking for the headlines. You ask and you shall receive: Snapchat will now provide information in mere seconds with teasers-you’ll get the gist. If you’re one of the few who are looking for more detail in this world filled with ticking clocks you can scroll down to get details, video clips and etc.

Taking a step back, Snapchat has a reputation for avoiding user unrest and getting away with ads with little to no complaints from the peanut gallery. Snapchat has shown that they know how to get paid without provoking users. I anticipate that discover will follow in suit with Snapchat’s user-friendly legacy.

Why it works for Snapchat:

Two simple factors result in the success of Snapchat’s introduction of ads and, hopefully, discover: opt-ins and user benefits.

Users on Snapchat choose to go to discover and they can also choose their sources of information. In the same token if I’m only interested in viewing my friends’ stories I am not forced into viewing information from Snapchat’s paid sources.

This evening I chose to click on the Cosmopolitan button and review facts about eyeliner.  I like eyeliner and I like being able to decide when I can read about eyeliner. It’s that simple.

What do you think of discover? Comment below.


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